We appreciate that the transition from the Armed Forces to the corporate world offers a unique set of challenges. While our opportunities are open for all to apply, we are committed to supporting service men and women leaving the Forces and our employees who have serving relations.

In October 2018, we signed the UK Armed Forces Covenant recognising the value service personnel – regular and reservists, veterans and military families – contribute to our business and our country.

Many of our colleagues at Inmarsat have joined us from a military background and we are lucky to have already experienced the immense talent and skillset that they bring to our organisation.

Alison Horrocks
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

As part of our agreement we commit to:

  • Continue to work with the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) to promote opportunities for those leaving the Armed Forces
  • Recognise military skills and qualifications when interviewing for new positions
  • Hold briefing days specifically for those leaving the Armed Forces, as a way to raise awareness of the opportunities for employment
  • Endeavour to offer a degree of flexibility in granting leave for service spouses and partners before, during and after a partner’s deployment
  • Consider special paid leave when appropriate for employees who are bereaved or whose loved ones are injured
  • Include cadet organisations in our Uniformed Groups Insights Days

In 2019 we are also launching our Forces to Firm Military Mentoring programme enabling individuals in resettlement the opportunity to work with Inmarsat employees, some of whom are ex-military, over the course of the year. The programme will offer careers advice, CV surgeries, interview tips, training and work experience programmes to provide support and guidance during the transition.

For more information or to get involved email us at armedforces@inmarsat.com.