Our values are designed to be simple and memorable and together result in increased levels of collaboration across Inmarsat. The values are supported by a leadership framework and guidance for all employees.

Enabling you to be your best

We want everyone to be clear about what’s expected of them; to have a good understanding of our company purpose and strategic priorities and what we all need to do to deliver them.

Performing within a high-performance culture

Creating a supportive environment is at the heart of our people philosophy and strategy. We are committed to continuing to build the right environment so that our people can thrive.

Inmarsat’s high performance culture programme has been designed to intentionally shape the culture we want to have in Inmarsat and to consider what every employee could personally do to effect change. The two-day workshop has been running globally for over a year and embeds a number of key initiatives to help deliver an inclusive, forward thinking, driven and collaborative workforce.

Emma Hughes - Culture Champion

Emma Hughes is a Performance Enablement & Governance Manager with our Maritime Business Unit and joined us in February 2017. She is also a champion of the internal programme, High Performance Culture.

Supporting our people to develop and grow

We encourage everyone to take responsibility for their career development, whether that’s in their current role or to prepare them for future roles. Everyone is given the space to dedicate time to their own learning and encouraged to challenge leaders and managers to support these aspirations.